Personal Info

  • Employee Name: Michael Goe
  • Job Title: Michael
  • Employee Number: 3945-GOE ML
  • Company ID: 28919
  • Company Division: Seattle

General Information

  • Hire Date: 2019-01-22
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: +12535698637

Safety Contacts

Emergency Contact

  • Emergency Contact: James Goe
  • Emergency Phone: (253) 999-3378

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Name
12/26/23 Thank you & Happy Holidays




MEWP 10/18/2021 10/18/2024
COVID 19 05/28/2021
Drug Testing Verification 11/03/2021
Electrical Safety 08/01/2022
Ergonomics Stretch & Flex 03/18/2021
Fall Protection Training 05/09/0202
Fire Prevention Protection 07/12/2022
Harassment Training 03/01/2022
HazCom/SDS 01/22/2019
Hearing Protection 08/16/2022
Heat Stress Training 06/13/2022
Ladder Training 05/16/2023
Lockout/ Tagout 10/24/2022
Personal Protective Equipment 01/22/2019
Pre Task Planning (PTP) 02/16/2021
Asbestos Awareness 01/24/2023
Confined Space Training 12/05/2022
Lead Awareness 01/31/2023
Scaffold Training 05/02/2022

Learndash Certifications





List of Uploaded Documents

Document NameDocument File
Armaflex 520 Adhesive SDS Armaflex-520-Adhesive-SDS-1.pdf
Knauf Earthwool SDS Knauf-Earthwool-SDS-1.pdf
Johns Manville Micro-Lok HP SDS Johns-Manville-Micro-Lok-HP-SDS-1.pdf
Owens Corning FG PC SDS Owens-Corning-FG-PC-SDS-1.pdf
FOAMGLAS® Insulation SDS FOAMGLAS®-Insulation-SDS-1.pdf
Johns Manville Cal Sil SDS Johns-Manville-Cal-Sil-SDS-1.pdf
Rockwool Mineral Wool SDS Rockwool-Mineral-Wool-SDS-1.pdf
Kingspan Polyisocyanurate Foam SDS Kingspan-Polyisocyanurate-Foam-SDS-1.pdf
Johns Manville Trymer 2000 XP SDS Johns-Manville-Trymer-2000-XP-SDS.pdf
Elfoam Polyisocyanurate Foam SDS Elfoam-Polyisocyanurate-Foam-SDS.pdf
Armaflex SDS Armaflex-SDS-1.pdf
Armaflex Self Adhereing SDS Armaflex-Self-Adhereing-SDS-1.pdf
Armaflex WB Finish SDS Armaflex-WB-Finish-SDS-1.pdf
Armaflex 520 Black Adhesive SDS Armaflex-520-Black-Adhesive-SDS-1.pdf
Arma-Chek Mastic SDS Arma-Chek-Mastic-SDS-1.pdf
Armaflex LOW VOC STA'-PUT SP80 Caniser Adhesive SDS Armaflex-LOW-VOC-STA-PUT-SP80-Caniser-Adhesive-SDS.pdf
APC 79 SDS APC-79-SDS-1.pdf
Bostik Chem Calk 915 SDS Bostik-Chem-Calk-915-SDS-1.pdf
CP-38 SDS CP-38-SDS-1.pdf
CP-45 SDS CP-45-SDS-1.pdf
CP-70 SDS CP-70-SDS-1.pdf
CP-76 SDS CP-76-SDS-1.pdf
Fosters SPARK-FAS 85-70 SDS Fosters-SPARK-FAS-85-70-SDS.pdf
Fosters 95-44 SDS Fosters-95-44-SDS.pdf
Tuff Bond Hangar Adhesive SDS Tuff-Bond-Hangar-Adhesive-SDS-1.pdf
CalBond Calstick SDS CalBond-Calstick-SDS-1.pdf
CalCoat 127 SDS CalCoat-127-SDS-1.pdf
Manus Bond 75 AM SDS Manus-Bond-75-AM-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 11-02 SDS MEI-11-02-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 22-15 SDS MEI-22-15-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 22-15 LOW VOC SDS MEI-22-15-LOW-VOC-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 22-15 NO VOC SDS MEI-22-15-NO-VOC-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 22-18 SDS MEI-22-18-SDS-1.pdf
MEI 55-40 SDS MEI-55-40-SDS.pdf
MEI 55-80 SDS MEI-55-80-SDS-1.pdf
Polyguard RG 2400 LT SDS Polyguard-RG-2400-LT-SDS-1.pdf
Proto PVC Glue (Clear) SDS Proto-PVC-Glue-Clear-SDS-1.pdf
Proto PVC Glue (White) SDS Proto-PVC-Glue-White-SDS-2.pdf
Sikaflex 1A SDS Sikaflex-1A-SDS-1.pdf
Vimasco 739 Brush Seal SDS Vimasco-739-Brush-Seal-SDS-1.pdf
Vimasco 749 VaporBlok SDS Vimasco-749-VaporBlok-SDS-1.pdf
Xtrabond 150 SDS Xtrabond-150-SDS-1.pdf
Zeston PVC Glue (Clear) SDS Zeston-PVC-Glue-Clear-SDS-1.pdf
Zeston PVC Glue (White) SDS Zeston-PVC-Glue-White-SDS-1.pdf
Versi-Foam Systems SDS Versi-Foam-Systems-SDS.pdf
DAP Extreme Stretch Acryslic Urethane SDS DAP-Extreme-Stretch-Acryslic-Urethane-SDS.pdf
DP-77 SDS DP-77-SDS.pdf
Foster 30-80 SDS Foster-30-80-SDS.pdf
M1 Caulk SDS M1-Caulk-SDS.pdf
Rustoleum 2X Painters Touch Aluminum SDS Rustoleum-2X-Painters-Touch-Aluminum-SDS.pdf
Rustoleum 2X Painters Touch Flat Black SDS Rustoleum-2X-Painters-Touch-Flat-Black-SDS.pdf
Rustoleum 2X Painters Touch Semi Gloss White SDS Rustoleum-2X-Painters-Touch-Semi-Gloss-White-SDS.pdf
3M 1003 SL SDS 3M-1003-SL-SDS.pdf
3M CP-25WB SDS 3M-CP-25WB-SDS.pdf
3M Endothermic Mat E-5A-4, E-54A, E-54C SDS 3M-Endothermic-Mat-E-5A-4-E-54A-E-54C-SDS.pdf
3M Endothermic Mat ES-5A-10 SDS 3M-Endothermic-Mat-ES-5A-10-SDS.pdf
3M Expantrol Flexible Intumescent Strip AIS 3M-Expantrol-Flexible-Intumescent-Strip-AIS.pdf
3M FD 150 SDS 3M-FD-150-SDS.pdf
3M Fire Barrier 2000 Silicone Sealant SDS 3M-Fire-Barrier-2000-Silicone-Sealant-SDS.pdf
3M Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ AIS 3M-Fire-Barrier-Duct-Wrap-615-AIS.pdf
3M Fire Barrier WT 3000 SDS 3M-Fire-Barrier-WT-3000-SDS.pdf
3M FireDam Spray 200 Gray SDS 3M-FireDam-Spray-200-Gray-SDS.pdf
3M FireDam Spray 200 Red SDS 3M-FireDam-Spray-200-Red-SDS.pdf
3M IC-15 SDS 3M-IC-15-SDS.pdf
3M Mortar SDS 3M-Mortar-SDS.pdf
3M Pass Through Device AIS 3M-Pass-Through-Device-AIS.pdf
3M Pillow SDS 3M-Pillow-SDS.pdf
3M Putty Pad SDS 3M-Putty-Pad-SDS.pdf
3M Putty Sleeves SDS 3M-Putty-Sleeves-SDS.pdf
3M Putty Stix Moldable SDS 3M-Putty-Stix-Moldable-SDS.pdf
3M SS 100 SDS 3M-SS-100-SDS.pdf
3M Tuck In Wrap Strips AIS 3M-Tuck-In-Wrap-Strips-AIS.pdf
3M Ultra GS Wrap Strip AIS 3M-Ultra-GS-Wrap-Strip-AIS.pdf
3M Wrap Strip FS-195+ AIS 3M-Wrap-Strip-FS-195-AIS.pdf
Hilti CFS-BL Firestop Block MIS Hilti-CFS-BL-Firestop-Block-MIS.pdf
Hilti CFS-S Sil SDS Hilti-CFS-S-Sil-SDS.pdf
Hilti CFS-SP WB Firestop Joint Spray SDS Hilti-CFS-SP-WB-Firestop-Joint-Spray-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 506 SDS Hilti-CP-506-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 572 SDS Hilti-CP-572-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 606 - SDS Hilti-CP-606-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 617 Putty Pad Stick -Roll SDS Hilti-CP-617-Putty-Pad-Stick-Roll-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 620 SDS Hilti-CP-620-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 637 Mortar SDS Hilti-CP-637-Mortar-SDS.pdf
Hilti CP 643 N Collar MIS Hilti-CP-643-N-Collar-MIS.pdf
Hilti CP 648 Wrap Strip MIS Hilti-CP-648-Wrap-Strip-MIS.pdf
Hilti CP 653 Speed Sleeve MIS Hilti-CP-653-Speed-Sleeve-MIS.pdf
Hilti CP 675 T-Board MIS Hilti-CP-675-T-Board-MIS.pdf
Hilti Firestop Box Insert MIS Hilti-Firestop-Box-Insert-MIS.pdf
Hilti FS One MAX SDS Hilti-FS-One-MAX-SDS.pdf
Cafco 300 SDS Cafco-300-SDS.pdf
Pecora BA-98-SDS Pecora-BA-98-SDS.pdf
Prosoco R-Guard Cat 5 SDS Prosoco-R-Guard-Cat-5-SDS.pdf
Sikaflex 15 LM SDS Sikaflex-15-LM-SDS.pdf
STI AS200 Elastomeric Spray SDS STI-AS200-Elastomeric-Spray-SDS.pdf
STI BLU Wrap Strip SDS STI-BLU-Wrap-Strip-SDS.pdf
STI BLU2 Wrap Strip SDS STI-BLU2-Wrap-Strip-SDS.pdf
STI Composite Sheet SDS STI-Composite-Sheet-SDS.pdf
STI ES Elastomeric SDS STI-ES-Elastomeric-SDS.pdf
STI EZ Path Series 22 SDS STI-EZ-Path-Series-22-SDS.pdf
STI EZ Path Series 33 SDS STI-EZ-Path-Series-33-SDS.pdf
STI EZ Path Series 44+SDS STI-EZ-Path-Series-44SDS.pdf
STI FP Intumescent Plug SDS STI-FP-Intumescent-Plug-SDS.pdf
STI LC Endothermic SDS STI-LC-Endothermic-SDS.pdf
STI LCC Intumescent Collars SDS STI-LCC-Intumescent-Collars-SDS.pdf
STI Mortar SDS STI-Mortar-SDS.pdf
STI Pillows SDS STI-Pillows-SDS.pdf
STI Putty & Putty Pads Putty SDS STI-Putty-Putty-Pads-Putty-SDS.pdf
STI RTC Collars SDS STI-RTC-Collars-SDS.pdf
STI Smoke 'N' Sound SDS STI-Smoke-N-Sound-SDS.pdf
STI SpecSeal Series SSS STI-SpecSeal-Series-SSS.pdf
STI Speedflex Top Gasket SDS STI-Speedflex-Top-Gasket-SDS.pdf
STI SSC Collars SDS STI-SSC-Collars-SDS.pdf
STI Wrap Strips RED Wrap SDS STI-Wrap-Strips-RED-Wrap-SDS.pdf
STI Wrap Strips RED2 SDS STI-Wrap-Strips-RED2-SDS.pdf
Thermafiber Safing - SDS Thermafiber-Safing-SDS.pdf
Proto PVC SDS Proto-PVC-SDS.pdf
Zeston 2000 PVC SDS Zeston-2000-PVC-SDS.pdf
SDS-TPSX-12-Calcium-Silicate-Insulation SDS-TPSX-12-Calcium-Silicate-Insulation.pdf
TPSX-12-Product-Data-Sheet-7-20 TPSX-12-Product-Data-Sheet-7-20.pdf
Dowsil 795 - White SDS Dowsil-795-White-SDS.pdf
Dowsil 791 - Black SDS Dowsil-791-Black-SDS.pdf
Dowsil 790 - Limestone SDS Dowsil-790-Limestone-SDS.pdf
DuPont Froth-Pak 620 Sealant SDS DuPont-Froth-Pak-620-Sealant-SDS.pdf

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  • 09/28/2022

    Nano Lok SRL

  • 01/05/2023

    HBI Orientation

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Fire Stop Systems - STIFire-Stop-Systems-STI.pdf
Firestop Systems - HiltiFirestop-Systems-Hilti.pdf
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