Occupational Health Services

Drug and Alcohol ServicesPricing
Urine Drug Screen (Lab-based Test)$37
Urine Drug Screen (Collection Only)$15
Urine Drug Screen (Instant/Quick Test)$25
Hair Drug Screen (Collection Only)$15
Hair Drug Screen (Lab-based Test)$75
Oral Swab Drug Screen (Collection Only)$15
Oral Swab Drug Screen (Lab-based Test)$60
Breath Alcohol Test$18
Call Out after Hours Fee$150 + $60/Hour
Mileage Fee for Call off Site$0.60/Mile after 25 miles
Occupational Health ServicesPricing
Respiratory Fit Test Quantitative ($10 each additional mask)$30
Respiratory Fit Test Qualitative ($10 each additional mask)$20
Pulmonary Function Test with Medical Evaluation Questionnaire$32
Pulmonary Function Test without Medical Evaluation Questionnaire$20
Medical Evaluation Questionnaire$18
Audiometric Test$27
Hearing Conservation Training$5

Click to download our Medical Evaluation Questionnaire in PDF format.  For more information on Drug and Alcohol Services click here.