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Employers in the construction trades are required to have a safety meetings. Short safety meetings should refresh workers on issues they face often. In addition, safety risks and issues should be addressed when changes occur that involve a work environment, a new work site, or the equipment used on a job. Manufacturing employees, construction workers and industrial contractors have many safety issues in common. Safety meetings for these workers will cover some topics that would not be needed in other lines of work.

Topics included here are intended to help in having viable safety meetings by providing a quick reference guide to build on to accomplish both these important tasks.

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Accidents Are Avoidable Assured Grounding Program Barricades and Warning Devices
Carbon monoxide Care For The Injured Children and Construction
Compressed Gas Cylinders Confined Spaces Dangers Overhead
Dressing for Winter Work Effects of Weather Electric Power Tools
Electrical Hazards Excavation Fall Protection
Falls Fire Extinguishers Fire Protection and Control
Floor and Other Openings Full Body Harness Gasoline
GHS/SDS Safety Data Sheets WA Heat Stress Oregon State Wildfire Training
Guardrails Hand Tools Heat Related Illness
Heavy Equipment Hazards Heavy Equipment Horseplay
Housekeeping Incident Reporting Keeping in Shape
Ladders Kill Ladders Listen for Danger
Material Handling Material Storage Motor Vehicle Operation
Near Misses PPE Clothing PPE Concrete Construction
PPE Eye Protections PPE Foot Protection PPE Hand Protection
PPE Hard Hats PPE Knee Pads PPE Respirators
Powerlines and Mobile Cranes Proper Lifting Protecting the Public
Ramps and Runways Recognizing Unsafe Conditions Refueling Equipment
Safety Away From Work Safety is Common Sense Scaffold Safety
Shop Safety Washington State Wildfire Smoke Training Load Securement
Short Cuts Signaling Techniques The Deadly Dozen
The Right Tool for the Right Job The Spotter Tools Chain Saws
Tools Electric Hand Saws Tools HammersChisels Tools Nails are Dangerous Too
Tools Portable Electric Tools Tools Powder Actuated Tools Tools Screwdrivers
Tools Table Saws Tools Wrenches Traffic Control
Trash Chutes Trenching Vehicle Operations
Warming Up What Does An Accident Cost Whose Responsibility Is It
Why Accidents Occur Working Around Cranes Working Around Cranes