Custom Toolbox Talk for December

Each time someone is injured, we need to ask ourselves “how did it happen?” Accidents just don’t happen, they are caused. Accidents
are usually a result of someone not paying attention or not knowing how to recognize a job (or home or automobile) safety hazard. Jobs
with effective safety attitudes have about a fifth as many injuries compared to those without the safety attitude. Today we will discuss
some general rules to follow and the four hazard avoidance rules.
Guide for Discussion
General Rules
Learn the safe way to do your job.
Don’t jump from one elevation to another.
Don’t work under suspended loads.
Remove protruding nails or bend them over.
Keep the work area clear of debris.
Use the personal protective equipment required for the job.
Treat all electrical wires as being “live.”
Use the right tool for the right job.
Be sure all tools are in good shape.
Four Hazard Avoidance Rules
Know the safe way to work, and then follow the safe way all the time.
Maintain safe working conditions – for yourself and others around you.
Work safely, setting the example, and e