24 Hour Fall Protection Competent Person

From: $925.00

Available Dates: Call for availability

Office location: 13912 NE 20th Ave STE 104, Vancouver, WA 98686


This class is specifically designed to meet ANSI 359.2 and the new 2014 EM-385-1-1 standard which requires 24 hours of training to include at least 8 hours of hands on activities. The EM-385-1-1 (2014) will come into full effect 18 months from November 2014.

Course includes in class, physical demonstrations and practical hands on activities on how to properly select, inspect, install, assemble, and use the fall protection equipment.

Training shall include inspecting systems prior to use, installation, component compatibility, estimating free fall distances, total required clearance, dismantling, storage, and the common hazards associated with each system and component.

Competent person training includes:

  • Overview of Fall standards for Washington State and EM-385-1-1-2014
  • Fall hazard recognition
  • Fall hazard elimination and control methods
  • Hierarchy of Fall prevention methods
  • Applicable fall protection regulations
  • Fall hazard surveys and fall protection procedures
  • The responsibilities of designated persons under this standard
  • Detailed inspection of equipment components and systems
  • Fall protection rescue procedures
  • The selection and use of noncertified anchorages
  • Fall Protection on Aerial Lifts and Ladders
  • Hands on exercises and inspections
  • Storage and care of equipment