Signal Only

Qualified Signal Person

Course Content:

  • General requirements, duties and responsibilities of a signal person.
  • Mobile, overhead and tower crane functions.
  • Hand and voice communications.
  • Crane limitations created by radius, boom angle, load drift, two blocking, boom deflection, dynamic loading, side loading, capacity limitations and quadrants of operation.
  • Hazards and requirements of working around energized power lines.
  • Regulations and Signal Person responsibilities regarding the use of suspended personnel platforms.
  • Practical and written test or assessment

Signalperson is required, according to OSHA regulations, in the following situations:

  • The operator does not have a full view of the point of operation
  • The operator’s view is obstructed in the direction that the equipment is moving
  • The operator or the person handling the load feels that a signalperson is needed
  • Anytime there are site-specific safety concerns

Upon completion of course participant will receive a “Qualified Signalperson” card.