Vancouver Office – Traffic Control Supervisor (3 Day Class) (Copy)

From: $550.00

Availability: 3/15-17, 8/22-24


Washington State Traffic Control Supervisor Certification:

This 3-day (21 hour) certification course is designed to meet the Washington State requirements for a Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS).  The TCS course is designed to train those who will be actively involved in designing or setting up and maintaining temporary traffic control zones. Participants will be taught how to read, interpret and understand traffic control plans and how to implement them in the field.

Class includes presentations, exercises, and in class activities.  Attendees will receive reference materials to assist with traffic control set up and management.  Once successfully completed, certification is valid for 4 years.

Note: If your TCS card expires, you have six months to take the one-day recertification. However, you cannot work as a certified TCS if your card is expired.